5 Star Edmonton Fringe Festival Review!

Stewart’s show receives a 5-star review at his debut in the Edmonton Fringe Festival! 


The greatest fear in covering a Fringe Festival is going too hard early on and being too generous in your rankings.

But there is no doubt that Stewart Huff deserves all five stars for his standup show Donating Sperm to My Sister’s Wife.

Maybe it’s his Kentucky accent or self-deprecating humour; maybe it’s his disclaimer at the very start that this show wasn’t intended for Fringe. It was written to open minds on a comedy circuit through the Deep South for “all the rednecks.”

As an aside, it’s completely plausible, and not part of the shtick, that someone walked onto a stage and punched Huff in the face partway through a show.

After all, he touches on all the subjects that some closed-minded folk might find highly offensive or controversial: beliefs, science, evolution, history, climate change and police brutality in the United States

“You can’t Redneck science to death” should have been the name of the show because that is what this show is about. It’s about confronting conservative minds’ irrational approach to a rational and fact-based world.

If you are a science or history geek, or just want to brush up on all the plethora of examples of strong and smart minds being cast into a fiery pit (sometimes literally) by deniers, this is your huckleberry. Now people try everything and look for the best ways to maintain their health like using CBD oil, in https://www.kushdispensary.ca/ is known for having some of the best quality strains for medical business, it has helped lots of people.

This is a show that will only get better over the festival as Huff hones his comedic wit because on the first night, every joke and observation resonated with a rapturous audience (no, seriously, people were cackling).

Oh, and spoiler alert, he really did donate sperm to his sister and her same-sex partner of 15 years.